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Abdul Qadir Junejo is author of 15 books, bundle of TV serials, short stories and novel. He was born on 1st November 1945 in little village Jinhan, district Tharparkar, he got his early education from his village. He went in diverse districts for education. He did his matriculation from High school Diplo in 1961 and moved to Shah Latif College Mirpurkhas for intermediate. Later d did his masters in sociology from University of Sindh. Initially he started his career as government teacher. When Shaikh Ayaz became VC of Sindh University; he called Junejo to join Sindhology, where he worked with Mehtab Akber Rashidi, Shoukat Shoro, Qasim Maka and others. Later he was promoted to Director of Sindhology. His last government assignment was chairman of Sindhi Language Authority.

 Q: What inspired you to become an author?

Ans: The nature, the deserts and the people of my village inspired me. They were not educated but were having wide vision, the story telling people the herders were my teachers. My father was police officer I used to go with him to visit different people he used to meet where I used to observe the different personalities and their stories. I studied their nature where I was very much interested in human nature that lead me to writing. The skills were in my inherent I just needed the track which was given me by my step mother, she guided me what is life and in sharing her observation and impacting positivley my whole life.

Q: How much you highlighted Sindhi culture in your drama stories?

Ans: My 70% content is about the culture and the village life, whether it is drama story or any book story. Now a days I am writing a novel “Rustics” (Gothana), its also about the village life. It will be publish in America.

Q: It is generally said standard of Sindhi drama is low, do you agree?

Ans: Mostly the subject is shown the gun culture, Wadera system etc. Writers are focusing on such issues and they have no techniques they highlight the one side of the story there is no balance. If there is character of robber they only show his negativity they don’t tell that why did he become like this. A writer should write both the things real as well as fictitious than your story will be more interested.

Q: You wrote many dramas for Ptv, which was your most popular drama?

Ans: “Choti si dunya” was my most popular drama in all over the world people love to watch it even today. Dr Hellen Pasu wrote thesis on this drama (free university government) in German language named “small worlds”. She was very inspired of my drama. In this drama there was direct attack to the German people the Chief Justice of Punjab High Court Shoukat Rizwi said “Junejo bari safai se contempt of court se bach gaye”.

Q: How do you feel that people like Shabana Azmi, Parvez Musharrf are your fan?  

Ans: Yes there are many personalities who are my biggest fan but for me all are equal an ordinary or a big personality it does not matter. My “Seerhiyan” drama was most popular in South Asia. Shabana Azmi became my fan watching this drama.

Q: You got two times Presidents Pride of Performance award where as its against of law, even you got it what were your feelings?

Ans: I’m first and last person who got this award, for the first time Ghulam Ishaq Khan awarded me and again in 2008 the great fan of mine Parvez Musharraf gave me the same award. When I was nominated for this and called in President House Musharaf asked me: You have written the “Choti si Dunya”, I said yes. He said to his adviser I am giving this Award to Abdul Qadir, his adviser said, Sir he has got already and there is no rule for second time. Musharaf said I am president and marked on my name and awarded me. It was prestigious pride for me.

Q:Why the PTV is losing viewership?

Ans: Ptv is about to finish the main reason is the producers and the directors they sell the time. When your production side is weak your story will be fail even if it is good. The directors do not catch the spirit of the script. Ptv is being watched only because of sports. The original work was spoiled. The directors died who made the Ptv popular. Now a days there are corrupt people of different parties, another reason is western culture. It is emerging rapidly.

Q: When & how the downfall starts of a writer?

Ans: When a writer become satisfied from his any written piece of story and become happy and feel himself genius in writing or skills his downfall starts.

Q: You are not writing any drama for last few years what is the reason? Were you not approached from any tv channel or there is another reason?

Ans: No, not at all. I am still asked to write drama but now I am Esnglish novel writer they cannot afford me. Few of the channels and directors approached me but i refused because now a days there is formula writing the directors ask the writer for dictation and write according their wish.

Q: Any massage for young generation?

Ans: I never give massages or instruction to people but take messages from them. I always try to learn and observe the people because the learning process never ends. And still i m not satisfied from my work I still feel something is left.

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Abdul Qadir Junejo

Abdul Qadir is amongst the leading playwrights in this region of South Asia. His excellence encompasses social as well as anthropological issues. He writes to rewrite history and brings to life the forgooten values. Hailing from a villiage Janhan at the brink of desert Thar in Sindh, the southern province of Pakistan, he seldom misses to point out the prevailing harsh realities affecting the day to day living of ordinary people. He has been honoured with the prestigious awards for creative writers including Presidents’s Pride of Performance for 1989 and 2008, the PTV award for the best Script Writer three times. Presently he is living in Jamshoro, Sindh.

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