Rustics: A novel in the making…

abdulqadirjunejo | March 21, 2018 | 13 | Articles

From the heart of Thar desert comes a story inspired by actual life events. Watch this introductory video on what RUSTICS has to offer.

Synopsis: Through the protagonist, Hassan a camel herder turned Inspector police, the readers will discover the hidden world of rich, multifaceted culture, heritage, traditions, folk tales and civilisation’s norms from the heart of the Thar Desert, in province Sindh, Pakistan. The Story begins with the terrible yellow cholera outbreak in 1920s in the Thar Desert and goes on revolving around Hassan and his journey through a world of emotion, crime, love and adventure while depicting the true colors of this centuries-old civilisation. The reader will ride along Hassan in discovering the folk science of foot tracing and the different behaviours of British officers, his pursuit of fierce desperados from the neighbouring Rajasthan. Indigenous tactics used by Hassan to face the hardened criminals with instant customary justice protecting the weak and run-down people. Cap. Roberts, a Scot police commander and Inspector Hassan offer two key characters that open this new world to the reader. While following Hassan in his life journey the reader will explore the lifestyle of different clans of nomads and their line of work along with investigating the tactics of burglars, snipers and foot tracers. The story twists in highlighting customary ways adopted by the women of the desert in love affairs and how the innocence of ordinary people unveil humour and true cultural values from this mystical land. The reader will experience suspense and drama at the outset of the deserts lifestyle.

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